Get to know your company culture

InnoQuant is a pioneering analytics tool that provides business intelligence to improve company cultures and drive innovation. InnoQuant's four pillar assessment utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence applied to a decade of research within the field of innovation technology. Our solution provides unique business intelligence that solves complex business challenges and develops sustainable progress.

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Improve your organization's innovation mindset

InnoQuant results can help your organization reach its innovation goals, whether you are a research-driven firm, or wish to improve process.

Better company culture

Our tools provide a detailed, quantitative snapshot of your company culture, empowering your leadership to increase productivity and satisfaction.

Faster turnaround for consultants

InnoQuant can significantly reduce the ethnographic component of the consulting workflow while providing deeper insight into organizational health.

Make mergers and acquisitions transparent

Evaluate the fit of potential acquisitions into your organization in innovation mindset and culture.


InnoQuant is an invaluable tool for every consultant that truly wants to make a positive impact on company cultures

- Mark Stevensson, IH22 Consulting

Berkeley Innovation Index

InnoQuant uses technology from the Berkeley Innovation Index (BII), a UC Berkeley research project that has been developed for over ten years.

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