Innovation Mindset Analytics

Is your company discussing priorities, strategy, or operational changes?
Our 10 min survey can help ensure alignment and present key issues. Use the results and recommendations to implement successful strategic change.

Innovation Mindset Analytics

InnoQuant uses pioneering analytics tools to improve company culture and drive innovation. Our assessments use AI algorithms developed at the world's top universities. The results provide mindset-driven business intelligence to solve complex challenges and develop sustainable progress.

Powerful Insights

We combine the power of machine learning tools, applied research, and a people-centric approach to guide your strategic decision making. Our mindset-based analysis can help your organization improve innovation capability and culture.

Bridge the Gap

Knowing where your business is and where it needs to be just the start. We can help bridge the gap with an innovation strategy that accounts for internal factors, market landscapes, and black swan events.

We are International

Over 10,000 individuals from 400+ organizations around the world have used our technology. Together with our partners in 4 continents, we specialize in the needs of international organizations.

Executive Group Report

(up to 100 participants)

The Executive Group Report gives instant insight into your company culture. It reveals strengths and weaknesses, and quantifies innovation and organizational culture.
It is the perfect tool to guide strategic meetings and drive transformational change.

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Global Partners


Companies and organizations of all sizes from around the world have used InnoQuant products and services.

Based on UC Berkeley Research

InnoQuant uses technology based on the Berkeley Innovation Index (BII), an open research project at the University of California, Berkeley.


Our Team

Our team is comprised of experts in innovation research, corporate strategy, startups, technical consulting, and engineering, in academia and industry.

Eldon Schoop

Co-Founder, CEO

Alexander Fred-Ojala

Co-Founder, COO

Ikhlaq Sidhu

Scientific Advisor

Ken Singer

Strategic Advisor

Elliot Lin

Full Stack Developer

Noah Jacobs

Frontend Developer

Anamika Tyagi

Data Science Intern

Nawal Jorio